Thailand Privilege Card Membership Packages Revealed

The government enterprise that operates the Thailand Elite Visa program, the Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited, has launched new membership packages. The top-tier card, the Reserve Card, costs 5 million baht and grants a long-term visa and perks.

It includes concierge services and airport assistance. It also offers golf and spa privileges up to 24 times a year, as well as one annual health checkup.

Travel Convenience

The Thailand Privilege Card has a membership and visa scheme that appeals to individuals who have already experienced the Land of Smiles and wish to move there permanently. The program offers convenience for 10 years, and members only pay a one-time fee of 1,000,000 baht upon approval of their visa.

Besides the privilege points system, the program will also provide a host of signature services such as airport transfers and fast-track immigration. Members will be able to use limousine service quota unlimited times and get access to golf, spa services and annual health checkups.

Other perks are discounted meals and shopping, private chefs at home, Muay Thai experiences, aquarium visits, and movie tickets. But perhaps the most appealing feature is the government concierge service that helps with settling in the country.


As a member, you will enjoy complimentary limousine airport transfer services to and from your hotel (or residence) within Bangkok, Chiang Mai downtown, and Phuket for each international flight you make. Members will be greeted by an Elite Personal Assistant* on arrival and departure.

Members will also be helped with their 90-day reports, bank account openings, and driving license procurement. In addition, concierge service is provided to help you plan your activities while in Thailand, from restaurants and shops to tours and spas.

Lastly, members can take advantage of discounted rates at leading department stores, duty-free shops, and hospitals. They can also receive free health check-ups at world-class medical facilities, which are famous for their high quality of care. This card is a good option for digital nomads who want to live in Thailand.

Leisure Activities

In line with the new vision of ‘More Choices, More Freedom,’ the Thailand Privilege Card has revamped its membership packages. Its previous eight card options have been replaced by four distinct packages with amplified privileges customized for global lifestyles.

As a base level, members can enjoy a wide range of leisure activities in the Land of Smiles. These include shopping center personal assistants, “buy one, get one” deals on restaurants and shopping malls, Muay Thai experiences, aquarium visits, movie tickets, and much more.

In addition, the program’s EPA team helps with immigration and customs clearance upon arrival in the country. Airport transfer limousine services, business meetings with government officials, and special insurance packages are also available. A variety of other luxury amenities, such as premium lounge access and VIP seating at movie theaters, can be accessed with the Gold and Platinum memberships.


After a brief hiatus, the Thailand Privilege Card Company has revealed a series of membership packages. They include a variety of benefits in areas such as accommodations, travel, leisure, and well-being.

For instance, Elite members are able to use their card to get discounted rates for golf course access and spa resorts. They also have exclusive shopping privileges and VIP movie tickets.

Moreover, Elite members can benefit from free annual medical checkups at world-class Thai hospitals. These international-standard hospitals are famous for their state-of-the-art facilities and internationally-trained expert staff. The program is open to affluent visitors and investors who consider Thailand as their second home. Those who join will receive a visa that is valid for five or 20 years. They will also be able to buy and build their own property in the country.


As a legal membership program under the Thailand Tourist Visa umbrella, members of the Elite Card can enjoy VIP facilities and privileges, and a long hassle-free stay in Thailand. The Elite Card program is managed by the Thailand Privilege Card Company Ltd., a state-owned company under the oversight of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Membership fees vary depending on the type of long-term residence visa you choose. The most expensive Elite Ultimate Privilege card comes with unlimited limousine airport transfers on arrival and departure, as well as complimentary golf green fees and massages 24 times per year. The other two cards, Elite Superiority Extension and Elite Privilege Access, have fewer privileges but are still worth the investment. These three options also come with tax exemption benefits.

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