The Best Portable Fire Pump

The Best Portable Fire Pump

Fire pumps are used to increase the pressure (measured in psi and bar) of water in water-based fire protection systems. These pumps are a vital component in ensuring safety and effectiveness of the fire fighting system.

There are several fire pump manufacturers that offer a variety of products. The leading manufacturers provide cutting-edge technology, superior quality, and global support to customers.
Tohatsu Fire Pump

The Tohatsu fire pump is a powerful and versatile portable fire pump that can be used in both rural and urban areas. It is easy to transport thanks to the built-in carrying handles and can be deployed in a matter of seconds using the rotating discharge port. It also incorporates a reticulating water cooling system to ensure reliability and optimal performance.

The engine and pump castings are made from anti-corrosive aluminum-alloy to reduce weight and prolong working life. It is equipped with a quick priming system with an operating rotary vane vacuum pump, and can prime 3 meters in 6 seconds. All gauges, throttle dial, and control switches are grouped on the control panel for easy operation.

It is recommended that the owner’s manual and safety-related instructions for this fire pump are consulted prior to use. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to personal injury and damage to the equipment. Similarly, it is important to check the battery on a regular basis.

Rosenbauer is a custom fire apparatus manufacturer with a presence in North America, Europe and Asia. Its products include fire pumps, rescue vehicles, emergency equipment and training products. The company also offers a comprehensive range of service and support programs.

Rosenbauers’ custom pumpers offer unquestionable reliability paired with tailored solutions for your unique needs. Their tanks are designed with ease of use in mind, and their systems are robust enough to withstand even the toughest conditions. They also provide a number of customization options, including dump valves and Green Star idle reduction technology.

Featuring the new CleanLocker, Rosenbauer’s NFPA-compliant equipment storage system is designed to keep dirty PPE out of the chassis cabin. Crew members simply push a button from the cab to activate the system, which extends the heavy-duty equipment tray for quick access. The system is available in models rated up to 500 pounds.
Liancheng Group

Shanghai Liancheng Group is a large and famous domestic group enterprise which specializes in the research and production of pump, valve, fluid transportation system, electronic control system and environmental protection equipments. Its products are widely used in various fields such as municipal works, water conservancy, architecture, fire-fighting, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, mining and medicine.

The company has five industrial parks with an area of 550 thousand square meters. Its registered capital is up to 5.38 billion cny and its total capital is up to tens of billion cny. The product categories include water pump, motor, electric cabinet, valve, completed equipment and mechanical accessories.

The company strictly follows the ISO 9001 quality control systems and UL and CE management systems to ensure that every screw, hole, bolt and other component is made meticulously. Its production process is scientific and reasonable, which ensures a high effective high quality product. The company also has a large pump test center, a three-coordinate measurer, a dynamic-static measurer, a quick laser shaping instrument and automatic argon-arc welder etc.

Honda fire pump is a premium grade fire fighting water pump engineered with the best quality materials to produce an exceptionally reliable pump. It has a Recoil start model only and is ideal for firefighting, tanker to tanker water transfer, high head general water transfer, sheep jetting and irrigation. It features a patented clamped impeller design that provides extra strength and improves performance. It also includes a rigid mount cast iron volute and a metal carry handle for durability.

Honda is a leading manufacturer of small, portable fire pumps for a variety of applications. The Honda WH20 Fire Pump is a lightweight and powerful fire pump that can prime in three seconds and can pump up to 450 litres per minute. It is designed with the help of a reliable Honda 4-stroke GX160 engine to deliver class-leading performance. It is a popular choice for firefighting response and rental companies. The engine is also quieter and produces fewer emissions than its competitors.best portable fire pump

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