Switzerland’s Top 5 CBD Shops

Switzerland’s Top 5 CBD Shops

CBD is a natural substance that has many positive effects. You can find it in many different forms, from tinctures and oils to vaporizers and supplements. As long as you are 18 years old or older and the product does not contain more than 1% THC, it is legal in Switzerland to buy CBD products.


Avengarde offers innovative and natural CBD products from Switzerland. They offer a variety of products, including weed flower and pre-rolled joints, as well as vape juices and cosmetics. Moreover, this Swiss company also provides a special brand called Dear of Life, which uses CBD as a nutrient. This company has a very modern online shop and guarantees fast delivery times.

The term avant-garde means “forward guard” or “vanguard.” In the context of art, it refers to a work of art that pushes boundaries and is experimental in nature. These works are often aesthetically innovative, and sometimes controversial upon their release.

Avengarde is one of the most advanced cbd shops in Europe. Their online shop is easy to navigate and features a range of cbd products from Switzerland. They also offer free samples of their products, so you can try them before deciding to purchase them. In addition, they accept various forms of payment, including bank transfers and Revolut.

Swiss Botanic

Swiss Botanic is a family-owned company specializing in the culture and commercialisation of CBD products with a THC level below 1%. The company’s products are available in specialty stores and kiosks throughout Switzerland, as well as in several online shops.

The brand’s flowers are cultivated in the heart of Switzerland using organic methods. The company also carries out rigorous quality controls on their products to ensure the best results. The brand’s high-quality products have led them to become a leading player in the market.

Their varieties are available on uWeed, where customers can enjoy a fast delivery in Switzerland and Europe. In addition, the brand’s flower products are characterized by their rich aromas and flavors. They are a true delight to the palate and provide a moment of relaxation. They are free from additives and pesticides. They are also suitable for animal consumption. They are perfect for dogs and cats. The tinctures are absorbed by the body’s endocannabinoid system to offer numerous benefits, such as relaxation, relief from pain and good mood.


A forward-thinking CBD brand that’s setting its sights on the global market, Naturecan was established in 2019 by Andy Duckworth (former CEO of Myprotein). Their mission is to become a leader in the organic wellness space on an international scale. Their CBD products are sourced from Oregon and are known for their high quality and low THC content.

The company also offers a number of different CBD products that cater to people with specific needs. Their wide selection includes tinctures, oils, balms, pet products, and capsules. Their oil is a broad-spectrum distillate that contains 7 cannabinoids, which gives it the entourage effect.

Customers can purchase their products from a variety of specialty stores across Switzerland. These shops offer a range of organic CBD products and cannabinoid supplements. Some of them even have a hemp sommelier to help customers select the best product for their needs. In addition, many Swiss retailers sell hemp sommelier-endorsed brands. This is a great way to find the right CBD for your needs.


At the beginning of the CBD boom it was not quite so easy to set up a cbd shop. On the one hand, CBD producers and jimdo website operators shot out of the ground like mushrooms and on the other hand, extensive educational work had to be done. In addition, many people blocked as soon as they heard the word cannabis.

goodvibe recognized the huge and above all sustainable and natural potential of CBD early on. The positive effects quickly spoke throughout Switzerland and even internationally. First studies or reports from users made the rounds. The demand for natural alternatives to treat anxiety, inflammation, stress, pain relief or sleep problems grew very quickly.cbd shop schweiz

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