Pokecord Commands – The Famous Bot

pokecord commands

Pokecord Commands – The Famous Bot

The most famous bot is Pokecord. There are several types of discord bots. Discus bots are programs that allow you to communicate and chat with your gaming partners in real-time during the game.

Pokémon’s discord bot is pokecord. This guide will show you how to use pokecord, commands, servers, hacks, and everything about pokecord.

discord pokecord commands

discord pokecord commands

Introduction Of Pokecord Commands:

You can trade, fight, and collect pokemon with a pokecord, which is an extensive and interactive discord bot. A pokemon will start looking at you as you talk once you have your pokecord. If you get notified about the pokemon, you will see it in your messages. Your job is to guess the Pokémon’s name first in order to claim it.

The Pokecord Command:

The server will default to having the “p! “command” before your command. Before we start, you can find the Pokemon Number for a particular pokemon by running the “pokemon command”. Therefore, you will receive your number from this list.

The Starter Commands:

When you choose your Pokemon, there are a few things you need to do immediately. It makes no sense not to have them enabled, since they are useful.

  1. p! This command shows more details about your Pokemon when you use p!pokemon and p! info. If you want to battle or determine how many points a Pokemon is worth, you’ll need to know its IVs.
  2. p!order<Option> |By doing this, you will be able to order your Pokemon however you like. It is possible to organize the list alphabetically, numerically, by level, or by IV. I find that IV is the most commonly used.

The Pokemon Commands:

  • p!catch<Pokemon Name> Use this command to catch wild Pokemon when they spawn.
  • p!hint |The clue to the current spawned Pokemon will be displayed.
  • The p! select*Pokemonselect< Number> | Selects which Pokemon will receive XP from chatting and which will battle.
  • p!select latest Selects the latest Pokemon redeemed or caught.
  • p!info |Displays information about the Pokemon you have selected.
  • p!info latest |Shows information about the LATEST Pokemon you’ve caught.
  • p!info<Pokemon Name> | Display a Pokemon with its base stats.
  • p!info shiny <Pokemon Name> |. Shows the base stats of a Pokemon in a glossy version.
  • p!info<Pokemon Number> |. This displays the information about the Pokemon attached to this number.
  • p!pokemon |. This displays the Pokemon you currently have. In addition, details such as Level, Number, IVs, and Nickname are displayed.
  • p!pokemon –name <Pokemon Name> |. Lists the Pokemon you own by that name.
  • p!pokemon –. shiney Shows your shiny Pokemon.
  • p!pokedex |. Displays your Pokedex, along with a number indicating how many you own.
  • p!pokedex –unowned |. Shows only the Pokemon you need to collect.
  • p!nickname<nickname> |. Aliases your selected Pokemon

Commands for Challenges:

If you complete all the challenges in the game, you are rewarded with credits.

  • p! challenges | Shows you what challenges are available to you.

The Dueling Commands:

Using these commands will help you fight your fellows. If you defeat your opponent, you will earn credits and experience points!

  1. p!select<Pokemon Number> |. You will use this Pokemon in battle.
  2. p!moves |. Displays the moves available for the selected Pokemon.
  3. p!learn<Move> |. Attempts to learn the move you have selected. Decide which action to replace.
  4. p!replace<Number> |. Use this to replace an existing move with one you are trying to learn.
  5. p!duel<@Username> |. Contests a duel with selected Discord users. Be sure to @ them rather than typing in their name.
  6. p!accept accepts a challenge if you’ve been challenged.
  7. p!use<Move Number> |. Whenever you move your Pokemon it will use the number indicated by that number.

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