Men’s Boxershorts

Men’s underwear is a tricky subject. While most men settle on one style and stick with it, there are options for every occasion and activity.

For example, boxer briefs can be a great alternative to briefs for men who have larger thighs or are worried about chafing from tighty-whities. Plus, they’re sexy!

They’re a classic

Boxer shorts are a classic, and there’s no denying that they have a place in any man’s drawer. They’re a versatile underwear choice that can be worn as a nightwear or as casual wear, and research suggests they can even increase your sperm count!

A traditional design that features a button fly, men’s boxer shorts are made of pure cotton for a loose fit that lets your moving parts move. This is a great style for those with well-developed thighs, and can help avoid the unsightly crack that often occurs when wearing tighter underwear styles such as briefs or jockstraps.

More recently, the rise of low-rise trousers prompted underwear designers to combine the benefits of boxer briefs and Y-fronts by creating a stretch-knit pair known as the ‘boxer-brief’. This new style combined the longer length (favoured by boxers such as Jack Dempsey) with the support of a Y-front, and technical fibres began to enter the mix, making these underwear a great choice for sport.

They’re comfortable

Boxers offer a relaxed fit that provides plenty of room for movement. They also don’t bind or pinch, even when worn all day and night. This makes them perfect for lounging around the house or sedentary activities.

The only downside to boxer shorts is that they don’t offer much support, so they may not be the best choice for athletic activities. They are also prone to bunching up and sliding down the legs, especially for tall or big men.

To avoid this problem, look for a pair of men’s boxershorts made with breathable natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo fibers. These fabrics will keep your skin cool and dry, while eliminating odors and wicking away sweat. Also, opt for a pair with a no-gap fly and Comfort Flex waistband to avoid uncomfortable pinching and chafing. A tagless design is another important consideration to avoid itchy, irritated skin. This is especially true during summer, when itchy underwear can be a real problem.

They’re versatile

Men’s boxer briefs are a versatile underwear option that can be worn for everyday wear, loungewear, or even for sleeping. They are also a great choice for men who want to feel comfortable and confident in their undies. Some research even suggests that wearing boxershorts can help improve sperm count.

The best pair of boxer shorts will be made from a fabric that suits your lifestyle and body type. For example, cotton, modal, and viscose rayon fabrics are all good choices for men’s underwear as they are soft on the skin and durable.

Boxershorts are also more versatile than other underwear options like briefs or jockstraps. Briefs are tight and show more of your manhood than boxershorts do, so they’re not a good fit for skinnier men. Jockstraps, on the other hand, are uncomfortable and not very practical unless you’re playing a sport with a high level of contact. The best pair of boxer briefs will be a mix of comfort and versatility, so you can wear them for any occasion.

They’re sexy

Compared to briefs, boxer shorts are less revealing. They also resemble shorter underwear, which means they can make your legs appear a little longer and sexier than usual. That’s why men love them.

On the other hand, briefs hug your tummy and crotch very closely, which makes them unsuitable for men with a heavy midsection. They’re also less comfortable to wear during exercise, as that tight fit can cause chafing and can be restrictive.

However, if you don’t want to completely lose out on that support that briefs offer, there are options like the long boxer brief. This is essentially a traditional boxer short that has an extra 3cm, 6cm or 9cm added to the length of the leg. It’s perfect for guys who prefer a little more coverage, or those with larger thighs. They’re ideal for wearing under workwear, sportswear and even as mens loungewear or nightwear.men’s bamboo boxershorts

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