How to Get YouTube Live Stream Views

Live videos are a great way to connect with your audience. But, it’s important to plan and prepare before you go live.

There are many ways to boost youtube live stream views. Some of them include: creating a teaser video, social media promotions, and more. You can also purchase YouTube live stream views from trusted sites like Socbooster.
1. Create a schedule

Streaming live from your mobile device or using an encoder enables you to create YouTube live streams that are accessible to viewers on all devices. You can also enable monetization, add calls to action (CTAs) and set age restriction or live chat settings.

When your video is ready to be published, you can select the “Upcoming Live Stream” option on Streamlabs Desktop or use the YouTube uploader to post your upcoming live stream to your channel. You can then check the upcoming live stream post from your YouTube dashboard to see when it will be available for view.

The “When Your Viewers Are on YouTube” report displays the times when most of your audience is watching videos on YouTube. Focus on publishing your live videos during these periods to maximize your views.
2. Promote your live stream

One of the best ways to promote your live stream is to share it with your email list. This will allow you to reach out to a whole new set of people who may not have been following your regular vlogs and other videos.

Using social media is another great way to promote your live stream. Use unique hashtags that will make your video easier to find and encourage people to interact with your live session.

You can also give away merch and content during your live session to reward your viewers and increase engagement levels. Lastly, remember to thank your viewers and tell them what you want them to do next as you sign off. This will help your audience stay engaged long after the video has ended.
3. Create a unique title and description

When it comes to YouTube videos, the title and description have a huge impact on the video’s views. They also have an effect on its search engine ranking potential. Ensure your titles are short and descriptive, using powerful words that make people want to click on the video.

The description should also contain keywords to boost your SEO. It is a good idea to use your main keyword early and a few times throughout the video. It is also important to write a short and snappy script for your live stream.

Try to keep it under 70 characters, as this is the maximum amount of text that will appear on a search page. Anything over this will be shortened. It is also important to include a call-to-action at the end of your video.
4. Boost your live stream on social media

Before you hit the ‘go live’ button, promote your stream on your social media. This will help drive more views and engagement. Post an exciting teaser video or tidbit trailer and include a catchy description of what viewers can expect to see in your live stream.

Once your live stream is complete, YouTube will capture a thumbnail image from your webcam or you can upload a custom thumbnail. You can also choose to enable monetization, promotions and other settings.

YouTube Analytics will give you insight into your audience and show you what works and when. It can take a little time to get used to the tool, but it’s worth the effort. Make sure to check YouTube guidelines for live streams before hitting the ‘go live’ button.
5. Make it interactive

A lot of the success of live video comes down to engagement. During your stream, make sure to interact with viewers in the comments section of your video. This will help you build trust and retention with your audience.

Similarly, you should try to get as many likes and shares on your live videos as possible. This will help you increase your video views on YouTube.

Lastly, when you’re done streaming, make sure to give your audience an actionable sign-off. This could be asking them to subscribe to your channel or even recommending one of your videos. This will boost your viewership long after your live video has finished. A premiere is a similar feature to a livestream that you can create in advance on your YouTube channel. When you set up a premiere, it’ll appear on your Watch page and be available for people to set reminders, comment, use Super Chat and more just as a regular video upload would.how to get youtube live stream views

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