How to Clone a Phone without Touching It?

How to Clone a Phone

How to Clone a Phone without Touching It?

This guide explains how to clone a phone on both Android and iOS devices. No doubt, spending time to clone a phone does not seem that simple. It may seem time taking and frantic work to do. We will now direct you with an easy guide to get you up and perform the job very quickly.

The cloning method is entirely safe and can be done by any beginners’ hands. Thanks to the robust phone clone applications that make it happen. Read this guide and read how to clone a phone number, text message, and SIM card from miles apart.

How To Clone A Phone For Free

How To Clone A Phone For Free

What Is Phone Cloning?

Phone cloning is taking the information and identity of one cell phone to a different one. This process can either be a backup of the complete phone or be the essential identifiers of your cell. When they were small more than radios in the old days of cell phones, preventing the signal often made cloning an easy prospect. All a hacker required to do was tune in your cell on ham radio and hear for the identifier.

It’s more complicated on modern phones, in part because cell phones now use SIM cards, which come packed with a secret code. This makes cloning your mobile’s identifiers, mainly without plugging into it, much more challenging but not impossible.

How to Clone a Phone Remotely Using Bluetooth?

The first answer to how to clone a cell without touching it requires using a third-party tool that uses a vulnerability on the pointing device. If the phone you want to hack hasn’t been updated in a while, then the possibilities might be vulnerable to a Bluetooth safety attack. There are many freely available applications out there that can use this loophole and get complete control of the device. In this process, you can get out how to clone a phone remotely.

  1. Initially, download a Bluetooth hacking application on your device. There are plenty of third-party programs out there that you can download. For example, Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08 can do a similar task completely.
  2. To download Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08, use the following link below and install it on your device. You can also download and transfer its APK version to install it on any other Android phone. Download link: http://mobile.brothersoft.com/super_bluetooth_hack-135_java.html
  3. While installing the application, you would be required for a security code. It would be either ‘0000’ or ‘1234’.
  4. Now, turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile and join it with the target cell. Both phones should be nearby.
  5. After linking both the phones, the app will exploit its vulnerability and give all the essential information.
  6. In this method, you would be able to reach the target mobile’s messages, call logs, keystrokes, and more without touching it.

By catching these steps, you would be able to clone someone’s cell without them knowing through Bluetooth.

How to Clone a Phone Using Spyzie

If you are searching for a safe way to spy on an Android or iOS phone remotely, then you should surely try Spyzie. It is a perfect spying solution that traces all the essential data related to the target device without being recognized. The application has a web-based dashboard that can locate all the necessary information associated with the device remotely. You can obtain data like contacts, call logs, browser history, bookmarks, notes, voice memos, and so much more. To see how to clone a cell without touching it, obey these steps:

Create your Spyzie Account

Initially, go to the official site of Spyzie and make your new account. Purchase the subscription of your preference, give your email id, and set up a secure password.

On the next page, you require to let the program know whether you want to track an Android or iOS device. This is a crucial step to identify how to clone a phone remotely. Also, you have to give specific details linked to the user of the phone.

To Clone an iOS device

If you want to understand how to clone someone’s mobile without them knowing it and the target device operates on iOS, then it will head to the cloud window. Here, you require to give the iCloud ID and password of the account you want to clone. Verify that you are typing the credentials of the previously in sync with the target phone.

To Clone an Android device

Knowing how to clone a phone without reaching it when it comes to an Android device is a bit different. You require to locate the cell once and unlock it physically. Navigate to its Setting -> Security and toggle the button the download from unknown sources. Continue to Spyzie’s site and download the APK version of the tracking software.

After installing the application, sign-in with your account id-password, access the required permissions to the app, and start observing. You can remove the application icon and allow it to run in secrecy mode. In this process, you can acquire how to clone someone’s mobile without them recognizing it.

Start Monitoring

In the finish, you can go to Spyzie’s web-based dashboard and achieve all the required data related to the target Android or iOS device. You can go to its left panel to get all the excellent features of the program.


So, now we saw ways to clone a phone remotely and clone a phone number. A great point to discuss here is that some of the most excellent phone cloning apps include Spyzie, Cocospy, and mSpy. These applications clone a device remotely and serve you to clone the mobile’s info like messages and call logs.

However, cloning a cell or hacking someone’s individual information is an offense, sometimes cloning a device might also give some crucial details to locate. But it is great to be concerned with your phone and credentials so that it becomes hard for someone to clone your device or its number.

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