Pinot noir grapes

Pinot noir is a plant that produces closely clustered dark violet grapes that are used to make a type of wine that is originally French. It is commonly grown in the cooler parts of France and precisely Burgundy which is considered as the leading global producer of Pinot noir Wine. One thing to note also is that the plant is grown in other areas too such as in Austria in central Europe and it is labeled blue Burgundy or Blauburgunder. Those people interested in the Pinot noir wines products they can purchase from this country can expect to find high quality dry red types.

Additionally, such people do not need to stop at that because they could actually try out the products from any Australian Pinot noir winery. In fact the continent has several areas that grow this vine thus giving people more flexibility when choosing the type of wine they want to have. Aside from that, Canada has a couple of wine growing regions including Niagara Peninsula, and as a result, those who are not residents of the country may choose a product of from there. One could buy white Pinot noir wine or go for red, ice, sparkling among many others that would suit anyone’s tastes and preferences.

This vine is also increasingly being sold in the UK to make sparkling wine and blends while rose and red wine is common too. Among the range of products made from this vine’s grapes Burgundy Pinot noir wine is the most celebrated although there are several other types available. In some other parts of France the manufacturers make use of Sancerre and Alsace for rose wines or red wines especially the latter normally referred to as the Pinot noir rouge. Shoppers can find the Germany Pinot noir wine types in the market now that they have popularly become dark and richly colored in red than before.

Note the vines grown in all these countries are not similar and that alone make the flavor and standards of their characteristics very different. In Italy for example the noir is pronounced as Nero and the history of its production in various regions of the country is rather old. Additionally, other types of this wine is produced in New Zealand, Spain, United States and Switzerland and therefore it looks like the vine’s best environment is Europe.

Pinot noir wine is confirmed to be one of the most difficult to ferment and is also susceptible to loss of flavor when put in bottles, yet it is one of the leading products one can find in the markets. The aroma is however indicative of ripe tomatoes, cinnamon or other types of foods close to that and it is also described as being full-bodied, light and with high alcohol content. The texture is naturally supple and silky plus the fact that it is known to last between five to eight years utmost in dark red liquor bottles. There is a lot to learn about this fabulous product especially if the approach is in terms of every country that produces the wine

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