Michael Kors Satchel Bags Are Uptown Sophistication

Michael Kors Satchel Bags Are Uptown Sophistication

Michael Kors is a world-renowned designer with a flair for timeless glamour. His namesake line of bags and accessories exudes uptown sophistication, from the supple leathers of the ’Jet Set Travel’ tote to the sleek silhouette of the ’Rhea’ backpack.

To spot an authentic MK purse, look for four even and proportionate stitches underneath the handle hardware. The zipper on an original should also end before the leather tab, whereas fakes usually tuck in.

It is made of leather

Michael Kors bags are often made of leather, but they are not all genuine. In fact, according to a former employee, the brand isn’t even sure what the signature logo bag that’s assumed to be leather is really made from. The company’s website lists materials like coated canvas, polyester, and polyurethane. One of the best ways to tell if a Michael Kors purse is real is by looking at the tag. Genuine tags display a country name, such as China, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, or Vietnam, while fakes show a letter of the alphabet.

Another important factor is the hardware. The engraved text on an original should be crisp and clear, while the letters on a fake look sloppy and distorted. Check the clasp to see if it feels heavy and sturdy, and make sure that the zipper is not tucked into the leather tab. The handle hardware should also feel hefty and rectangular, not rounded like on fakes.

It is durable

Whether you’re a fan of the timeless and sophisticated Carmen, modern and on-trend Manhattan, or the soft and feminine Carine, Michael Kors has a satchel for every style personality. Designed with high-quality materials, these bags are durable and can be used for work or play. They’re also easy to coordinate with other accessories, including wallet styles and tech cases.

The company’s eponymous brand is sold in 85 countries around the world. Like other designer products, the brand’s handbags come with a limited warranty against manufacturer defects and normal wear. However, if your Michael Kors purse needs repair, it’s important to know how much the process will cost before you begin.

When buying a Michael Kors bag, look for a gray tag on the back with a 4-digit serial number. This is the only way to ensure that your bag is genuine and carries the company’s label. Authenticated bags also feature neat leather tabs that conceal the ends of the handle. In contrast, fake bags have rounded handles and don’t include stamping.

It is stylish

Michael Kors satchels are a timeless accessory that looks just as good being hand-carried or slung over your shoulder. Choose from supple leathers in a range of colors, minimal hardware and signature logo prints to fit your personal style. Whether you’re feeling jet-set chic with the Carmen, or modern and on-trend with the Manhattan, there’s a satchel to suit every mood. Pair with a matching wallet and tech case for a polished look. Shop the collection at Lyst to find your perfect match.

It is affordable

Michael Kors satchel bags are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, so you can find one to match any occasion or outfit. Choose from neutral leather satchels or make a statement with a quilted snakeskin bag. Some styles are designed to be carried by hand, while others look great when slung over your shoulder. The brand also has wallet styles and tech cases that coordinate well with satchel bags.

The relaxed downtown sister to the uptown main line, diffusion brand MICHAEL Michael Kors effortlessly interprets New York style with supple leathers and relaxed shapes. The ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote bag is a classic that will never go out of style, while the ‘Rhea’ backpack and ‘Ginny’ cross-body are must-haves in soft pastels and vivid hues.

The ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote is crafted from environmentally-conscious Saffiano leather and opens to reveal a spacious interior that can fit your everyday essentials and more. This style is perfect for jet-setting travelers and everyday women. MK bag on sale

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