Band saws, for metal & wood cutting

Band saws are the most widely used power tool in a shop. If you plan on cutting any type of curves, then a band saw is a must. There are a few types to choose from depending on your needs, wood cutting, metal cutting and portable band saws.

Wood cutting band saws – The following companies all manufacturer bandsaws, Delta, Jet , Shop Fox and Carter, Bridgewood, Craftsman, Delta, DeWalt, Grizzly, Hitachi, Laguna, Metabo, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, Powermatic, Ridgid, Ryobi, Shopsmith, Tradesman and Yukon Tool.

It’s important to compare the various bands, check out the features of each model, price and warranty. What size do you need? Sizes vary from 14″, 18″ and 20″. Engines come in 5 hp, 1/2 hp, 1/3 hp, 3/4 hp and 2 hp. Try to find a model with a tilting table, perfect for cutting various miters.

Metal cutting band saws – Used extensively in metal fabrication and other metal related tasks. These saws speed up the cutting process which in turn speeds up productivity. Jet, Craftsman and Delta all have their own industrial metal bandsaws.

When comparing models look for the following features:

  • Lock-on power button which provides continuous use
  • Debris and dust ejection chute helps keep your work surface clear
  • Multi speed capability, perfect for detailed cutting
  • Find a model with tilt adjustments, this feature is necessary for accurate angled work

You can find both metal and woodworking band saws reviews online. Sears Craftsman metal saws consist of the following models, (22612, 24397, 24398) and Delta (28-665, 28-662, 28-663, 28-303). Woodworking bandsaw models, Jet (708115RK, Jwbs-12os, Jwbs-18, HVBS-463), Rikon 10-325, Milwaukee (6232-6, 48-08-0260, Delta (28-299K, 28-195, X5, 28-280, 28-160, 28-190, 28-206, BS100, 28-641, 28-150, Yukon Tool YTBS10, Hitachi CB75F, Craftsman (22432, 22424, 22414, 21459, Carter STD1, Grizzly (G1148, G1073, G1012), Laguna tools (Lt 16 SEC, Lt18, Lt14, POWERTEC BS900, Shopsmith 555507, Powermatic PM1800, Rigid BS1400, Bridgewood PBS-440B, Ryobi Bs900 and Tradesman 8166.

Go online to find the cheapest deals on everything from Black and Decker bandsaw blades, wheels and many other parts and accessories for you wood or metal saw.

Delta band saws, for metal & wood working

Delta band saws offer a variety of band saw models to choose from. With these Delta band saws you can cut stock with a width from 9″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 20″ inches. If you own a commercial woodwork cabinet shop or metalwork machinist plant then you know the importance of the best power tools possible.

Some of the features that you can expect with Delta stationary band saws include, rapid release tension lever allows for quick blade changes, table extensions for full support towards frame and roller guide bearings.

Delta offers both wood cutting and metal cutting band saws. Models to review include, 28-640, 28-641, 28-682, 28-348, 28-248, 20-330, 28-206, 28-276, BS220LS, BS150LS, BS100. Engines sizes are available in 1/3 hp, 1/2 hp, 3/4 hp, 1 hp, 1 1/2 hp and 2 hp.

Compare Delta bandsaws to other brand such as, Jet JWBS-14DXPR, JWBS-18, JWBS-14CS, JWBS-12OS), Carter (DEL14, JET14) and Shop Fox W1707. Find all the models listed above online through merchants like and to name 2 of the countless online power tool merchants. When comparing and reviewing tools, be sure to review the length of the warranty and what it covers. Web sites like epinions and offer full consumer reviews and ratings on all types of tools as well as appliances and digital electronics.

Delta power tools – for woodworking professionals


Delta Power tools is the leader when it comes to stationary electric powered woodworking tools. Focusing on the woodworking market, Delta tools are used in home workshops as well as building and construction industries.

The Delta power tool list consists of the following, nailers/staplers, table saws, miter saws, jointers/planers, wood lathes, drilling machines, sanders, grinders, compressors, shapers and stock feeders. They also manufacture a long line of power table saws, radial arm, band saws and scroll saw models.

Delta staplers & nailers

From the Brad nailer (DBN125), stapler gun (DNS100) and 2 in 1 nailer/stapler(DBS125)Delta tools has it all. They even offer the 1/4″ brad nailer combo kit (CFDBN125) that comes with includes a Delta nail gun (DBN125), compressor (CP200), 25′ coil hose, fittings, fasteners and a case.

Electric powered Delta table saws, scroll, band and compound miter saw

The Delta Tool company is famous for it’s top quality table saw models. The line of bench, table and cabinet saws includes the followings models. (TS350, TS300, TS220LS, TS200LS, TS200, 36-790, 36-L53L, 36-R53L, 36-L51, 36-R51, 36-L31, 36-R31, 36-830A/LA 10″ Unisaw, 36-831A/LA, 36-730, 36-731, 36-732, 36-717, 36-716, 36-715, 36-461, 36-462 contractor’s saw┬«, 36-479, 36-480, 36-444, 36-682, 36-681, 36-680, 36-675).

Electric powered miter saws from the Delta Shop Master and Industrial series come with a host of features such as dual bevel, front bevel lock, mega-capacity, crown stops. Find everything from compound miter saws to twinlaser models. The blade sizes for the power saws range fro 10″ to 12″ inches in diameter and they use a carbide-tipped blade for a cleaner and faster cut. Models to review and compare include, 36-412, 36-255L, 36-312, 36-250, 36-585, MS450, MS265.

The Delta electric powered radial arm saw collection consists of a variety of models that offer a host of features. Depending on which Delta radial arm saw you compare the engines sizes range from 1 1/2 HP – 7 1/2 HP. and 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch blade diameters. Every models comes with an anti-kickback attachment. Models include, 33-420, 33-421, 33-422, 33-410, 33-411, 33-412, 33-400, 33-401, 33-402, 33-890, 33-891, 33-892, RS830.

Delta band saws are another very popular power tool. Depending on what you need for the electric power band saw tool is there are 2 types wood cutting and metal cutting models. Sizes of the engines range from 3amp to 2HP. Models to review and compare include, BS220LS, BS150LS, BS100, 28-640, 28-641, 28-682, 28-348, 28-248, 20-330, 28-206, 28-276.

If you need to cut detailed wood work then a Delta electric powered tool such as their collection of scroll saws are the right choice. Features you can expect with Delta power scroll saws include tilting table, 6 speed variable control and a built-in air blower to suction up dust. Models include, SS350LS, SS250, 40-680

Delta industrial drilling tools

Delta offers a number of heavy duty electric drill presses, boring machines and mortisers. Depending on which model you review the electric drill may use a step pulley or variable speed. Find 10, 12, 15, 16 1/2, 17 and 20 ” inch presses. Models include, 70-210, 70-397, 17-410, 17-547, 15-220, 15-354, 70-200, 17-925, 17-968, 17-965.

Delta power boring machine tools fall into the following categories, horizontal (32-350) and line boring (3 2-325). Engines range between 3/4 to 1 hp. Features include, 13-spindle boring head, telescoping handle, table and adjustable depth stop.

Lastly in the drilling category is Delta Deluxe Mortiser 14-651 and the hollow chisel mortiser MM300. These stationary power tools use a 120VAC 60 Hz, four mortising chisels and bits as well as tool and chisel holder.

Delta shapers & stock feeders

Delta heady duty electric power shaper tools offer features such as, 5HP, three phase, tri-voltage (200-230/460) motor with LVC switch, motor pulley, micro-adjust fence and guard assembly, 1 1/4″ spindle, table inserts, and at 2-speed spindle pulley. Models to review: (43-792, 43-791, 43-460, 43-455, SH100)

wood lathes

To create professional spindles you need a Delta wood lathe tool. These stationary lathes (46-756, 46-715, LA200K, LA200) come complete with wood turning tools. Designed for the professional furniture maker.

Delta industrial sanders

Delta offers all types of stationary power tools necessary for industrial wood work shops. From edge sanders, disc (SA350K, SA446, SA180, SA150) and drum sanders (31-396, 31-735A, 31-735B, 31-300, 31-250, 31-695, 31-120), Delta offers the best in industrial electric power tools. From planing and shaping raw wood Delta’s jointers (DJ 30, 37-360, 37-361, DJ-20, 37-350A, 37-380, 37-195, JT360, JT160) are a great choice. Delta manufacturers a number of industrial planers ( RC-63D 24, 22-610, 22-470, DC-580, 22-450, 22-451, 22-680Z, DC-380, 22-680Y, 22-580, TP400LS.


There are a number of grinder tools available for the machinist, fabricator of hobbyists. Depending on your requirements there are a number of motor sizes to choose from including, 0.7, 2.5, 3 amp, 1/5, and 3/4 hp. And wheel diameters also vary in size from 4 1/2, 5, 6, 8, 10 inches. Delta grinder models include, (23-725, GR450, GR350, GR250, GR150, GR050, 23-725, 23-710, 23-700)

Delta air compressors

To power all of your Delta air tools such as staple guns and air drills you will need an industrial air compressor. You can choose between 2 models, CP503 and the Shopmaster CP200. There are many benefits to buying a Delta compressor. Some of the features include, 3 HP, 120V, 60Hz. motor and air hose.

Delta X5

Lastly in the air and electric powered industrial tool line is the Delta X5 collection of saws, jointers, drum sanders, drill press, shapers and lathes. Find a wide assortment including, 36-L31X-BC50, 36-L31X-U50, 36-L51X-BC50, 43-495X, 36-R31X-BC50, 46-755X, 36-R31X-U50, 22-780X, 17-990X, 33-895X, 36-505X, 36-507X, 37-275X, 31-255X, 28-475X and the Delta 37-365X DJ20 precision Jointer. When you purchase X5 power tools, you get a 5 year warranty. Delta will repair, at its expense any machine or stationary tool, as well as parts and accessories.
As you can see Delta has you covered on any industrial air powered or electric tool that you can think of. Not only woodworking machines, but tool boxes as well as replacement parts and accessories for your power table saw, drill or brad nailer. If you’re interested in purchasing a wood working drum sander, electric scroll or compound miter saw then going online will benefit you greatly. You can compare prices, read reviews and consumer reports. You will also find discount deals and cheap price tags on any type of wood or electric metal working tools. Some online tool merchants even offer rebates as well as free shipping on purchases over 100$.